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The Best Laptops Under 35000 With i5 Processor in India (2017)

Are you searching for the best laptop with an i5 processor under 35,000 rupees?

In this article, we’ve compiled the list of best laptops under 35000 with i5 processor. Though there are very few options, but yes, you can get a laptop with an i5 processor under 35000 Rupees from brands like HPLenovo, Asus, Acer. We always want to buy a laptop with a powerful processor, that’s why we prefer i5 laptops over i3 laptops. Under 35k range, it’s better to go with an i5 laptop or a core i3 laptop with 2 GB Graphic processor.

These are the best laptops under 35000 with i5 processor:

  • ACER E5-572G
  • LENOVO G50-80 (80E5021EIN)
  • ASUS P2430UA-WO0079D
  • HP 15-AC650TU
  • ACER E5-575G

Now let’s check the key features of these laptops. Here we’ve tried to include only the best laptops under the price segment of 35000. But since price changes with time, some of these may show little higher price.

ACER E5-572G is one of the best laptops under 35000 with i5 processor. You will get a core i5 laptop with Full HD Display (1920 x 1080 pixel) under 35,000; which is unbelievable. It has the best hardware embedded inside in this price range. Core i5 4210M, which rates from 800MHz to 2.6GHz (standard) with Turbo Boost of 3.1GHz (both cores) and 3.2GHz (single core) will give you a decent performance. And Nvidia 940M is just icing on the cake. For casual gaming, it’s a perfect choice. Games like GTA V, Mirror’s Edge, Watchdogs will be played at low to medium settings. The 53Wh battery gives good battery backup. There is NO DVD DRIVE available. This is a cheap excellent machine with fabulous configuration.
LENOVO G50-80 (80E5021EIN) is another great i5 laptop within 35000 price segment. It offers a high-end fifth generation processor (Core i5 5200U) which worth the price. You will be able to expand the RAM up to 16GB with this machine. And it has Dolby Digital speaker which is amazing. We hope you will get an excellent experience with this fabulous product under 35000.
ASUS P2430UA-WO0079D will be a good choice if you are searching for best laptops in India under 35000. It has the latest 6th generation i5 processor. This display is Non-Glare 14 inch LCD which is very nice and easy to carry. It has both VGA and HDMI connector.  The sound quality is ver good at loud. The most amazing thing is It offers 2 years global onsite warranty. No doubt it’s a premium i5 laptop under 35000.
HP 15-AC650TU  is an i5 laptop below 35k rupees. You can upgrade the memory up to 8GB. Core i5-4210U having processor speed 1.7 GHz will do a decent job. Though the Touch Pad is not quite good but this problem can be resolved by buying an external Mouse. Otherwise, it’s a decent laptop under 35000 with i5 processor.
ACER E5-575G is an another budget i5 laptop by Acer under 35000 rs. It has the latest 6the generation Core i5 6200U processor having clock speed 2.30 GHz. It includes DVD drive. With 1TB hard disk and 4GB RAM, it’s good laptop under 35k.

Our Suggestion On Choosing the Best Laptop Under 35000 With i5 Processor:

So you can see, if you’ve decided to buy an i5 laptop within 35000 rupees then you have these 5 options. ACER E5-572G is a good option since it has 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce 940M Graphic processor along with i5. But you will get a 4th Gen. i5. If you want a laptop with the latest version of i5 processor, then you can choose from ASUS P2430UA-WO0079D & ACER E5-575G. All these i5 laptops under 35000 are offering 1TB HDD storage with 4GB DDR3 RAM. You’ll not get any laptop that offering Windows OS in this category. So you’ve to go with Linux or DOS OS.

All these i5 laptops have enough processing power to handle your day to day task such as Internet browsing, working on MS Office, watching movies, moderate gaming, video editing etc. So choose any one of these that fulfills your requirements.

So these were the list of best laptops under 35000 with i5 processor. We hope that you found this article helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy shopping. 🙂

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